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Services We Offer

Muskoka Barefoot aims to help all of our clients and participants live the healthiest lives they can in their nude soles. If you want to experience an intense connection between mind, body, soul and nature combined with a relaxing stretch yoga class among the roots of a Muskoka forest then book your session with Muskoka Barefoot. We also offer group barefoot hikes combined with Dynamic HITT Yoga and BarePaw hikes where you can bring your four legged fury best friend to join.  In addition to the services we offer below Personal and small group fitness training are also available, please contact us  via email at muskokabarefoot@gmail.com for pricing.  To book your barefoot session or for further information email  muskokabarefoot@gmail.com. 

1 Hour Barefoot Hike & Yoga Stretch Session - $25

Enjoy the pleasure of learning how to walk in your bare feet in any seasonal element including in snow among the trees and nature of picturesque Muskoka.
Session Includes;
Barefoot 4.5 to 5K Hike

Forest Bathing Stretch Yoga 

* 5 Session Pass - $60

40 Min Barefoot Hike with Interval HIIT Yoga Session - $30

This explosive barefoot hike provides connection to nature while building and sculpting your body with the unique  incorporation of high intensity tush n abs yoga.  Move your body and Fill your lungs with fresh air, connect with mother nature  among the trees and nature of picturesque Muskoka. 
Session Includes;
Barefoot 4.5 to 5K Hike 


* 5 Session Pass - $75

45 min BarePaw or Barefoot  Hike Session - $20

Enjoy the pleasure of hiking  Muskoka's picturesque  trails barefoot in the company of your four legged furry best friend as you both experience the terrain with your nude soles. 

Muskoka Barefoot also offers small group barefoot hikes in the company of other humans so you can connect and experience the healing energy of grounding, forest bathing, and earthing while enjoying fresh air and exercise. 

* 5 Hike Pass - $50


Our Story

Muskoka Barefoot is founded by Agatha Farmer. Agatha is an experienced, long time personal trainer, group fitness and wellness coach, entrepreneur, Wimhof student and barefoot practice lover. Familiar with the world of health and wellness for over 10 years she is always on a quest to find authentic healing experiences, she first discovered earthing and barefoot walking through her mentor and barefoot coach Sue Regan Kenney in 2018. The fist encounter with a snowy barefoot walk led by Sue in Muskoka transformed Agatha's mind, body and soul connection to nature and introduced the healing benefits of grounding with the earth's negative electrical charge. In addition to barefoot walking training Agatha is also a WimHof Fundamentals student under the coaching of Sue.


Muskoka Barefoot Inc. invites you to experience this life changing connection to nature. Re-wire your brain by activating the over 200,000 sensory receptors within your feet and re-aling your movement longevity and start the journey to self-healing physically and mentally with Muskoka's Barefoot Sessions. 

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"Barefooting is the perfect antidote to the effects of civilization."

Sue Regan Kenney


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